Beware of new Facebook Marketplace scam

Local IT busines Tiger Computers have made us aware of a new Scam which is being used on sellers via the part of Facebook Known as MARKETPLACE. This is where people can advertise items for sale and sell them to other Facebook users.

The recent scam involves sellers receiving a message from another facebook user stating they want to buy an item and a courier will call and collect the item and pay them cash. The buyer asks to use a courier called Chronopost, which is a legitimate company. If you agree to the sale they will send you a message similair to the one below asking for personal details

“Ok so to make the sending, I need your Name / First name : Address / City / Postal Code : Total amount : E-mail address : Time of visit Tomorrow :”

Once they have this they send you an email which looks like it comes from Chronopost (it doesn’t) asking you to pay an insurance amount to send your item. If you enter a bank card on this scam website then you will have just given your bank card and personal details to a scammer (if you have done this already contact your bank immediately and cancel your card).

There is a similair scam where a buyer asks to pay via paypal and asks for your email address and then emails you directly with an email which looks like it has come from paypal saying you have been paid (you need to check your account directly by logging onto to see if you have actually been paid for an item you were selling)

If you ever receive any emails or messages which you are worried or unsure about our IT friends at Tiger Computers who have stated that a scam may not work exactly how it is mentioned in this feature but they can advise via their Facebook page or Telephone them on 01262 722111 during normal business hours if you are ever unsure.

How to get your Alexa to work

Just Click on the Alexa button below. Login to your Amazon account (if you aren’t already) and click the button to “enable” the Skill.

Then you can say to your Alexa Speaker

“Play Bridlington Gold”

Its Here…!

How to get your Google Smart Speaker to work

Just ask your Google smart speaker to

“Talk to Bridlington Gold”


“Ask Bridlington Gold to Play”

Its Here…!


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